Why Use Us?

There are no up front fees!

Why pay a company thousands to market your business for sale with no guarantee of the outcome? Unless Parkwest successfully sells your company, we don’t get paid! In addition, we offer a free value assessment along with consulting on preparing your business, so you can maximize the selling price!

Confidentiality and Pre-Screened Buyers

Confidentiality for our clients and pre-screening of buyers is paramount for the process at Parkwest Business Partners. All advertisements of represented companies are listed as “blind”. In addition, buyers are required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), and they are financially pre-screened to evaluate if they have the funding necessary to obtain your particular acquisition.

Shortened Listing Agreement Time Frames

We don’t want to waste a seller’s precious time! Parkwest works on 6 month agreements, most M&A advisors require 1 year. We find that if a business is priced appropriately, and a seller is positively engaged in the process, there should be activity rather quickly.

Relationship Management

One of the top reasons deals fall apart is due to the tension between a buyer and seller during the acquisition process. At Parkwest, we believe strongly in building the relationship between parties. When buyers and sellers get along well from the beginning, the odds are much greater for the transaction to be completed than if the relationship is strained. The acquisition process can be stressful at times, so a third party such as Parkwest can be very helpful in mediating and maintaining objectivity.

When it’s time to sell your company…Choose Parkwest to help you navigate through the confidential selling process.